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“ANATOMICally shaped shoes”

On anatomic

In 2017 this brand answered the growing demand for barefoot shoes and decided to offer affordable shoes meeting all the barefoot shoes parameters. It focuses mainly on kids’ slippers and on sneakers for adults, all designed with respect to natural anatomic shape of the foot. 

Our experience with Anatomic

  • Affordable barefoot shoes for kids and adults
  • Low-cost production – shoes do not show off elaborate details or fancy boxes, but they do meet all barefoot shoes parameters
  • Collection for adults provides shoes with a wide toe box, flat but not ultra-thin outsole and a slight padding, and they are therefore ideal for barefoot shoes beginners, they present an affordable way to figure out whether this type of shoes is the right choice for you
  • "I bought one pair myself, they are impossible to resist at these prices and you get a good value for your money. For just a couple hundred bucks, I’ve got perfect shoes to walk around, to do some gardening or to walk where I’d think twice before risking new expensive shoes, and I still get the comfort I’m used to."


  • Slippers with a 3 mm thick flexible flat outsole
  • Flat, unshaped glued sole, fixed insole
  • Wide, anatomically shaped toe box, suitable for a dominant toe
  • Rather narrow in the heel, they fit regular to narrow feet, we do not recommend them for a low instep
  • A little stiffer in the heel, however they can be bent with ease
  • Produced in Poland
  • Affordable when compared to other brands, sold without boxes or other packaging

    Sneakers for adults

  • Canvas shoes for both women and men, sneakers made of mesh or of waterproof fabrics
  • Wide, anatomically shaped toe box suitable for average feet
  • Flexible, slightly ticker rubber outsole, about 5 mm thick, with a functional rubber toe cap over the edge of the shoe, insole with cushioning
  • Very subtle tread, the sole is almost completely tread-free
  • Suitable for barefoot shoes beginners due to a firmer outsole and cushioning
  • Flexible outsole for natural gait, flexible in walking direction as well as transvers, thicker rubber layer lowers foot stimulation from the surface of the ground 

Interesting facts

Anatomic is a Czech shoe brand with their production based in Poland. They have their own team of technologists and designers. Anatomic brand focuses on lightweight shoes, flexible both in walking direction and transvers. The removable insole is made of antibacterial and anti-inflammatory fabric. All used materials are non-toxic.


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